April 11, 2019
NMT Lobbies for More Dutch Involvement in New Minehunters

A Belgian-French consortium led by French company Naval Group will build the twelve new mine hunters for the Dutch and Belgian governments, which has caused uproar in the Netherlands at the very limited involvement of Dutch maritime industry. 

Last month, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT) already expressed its disappointment at the tendering of the new minehunter vessels to the Naval Group consortium. NMT received a great deal of support in this matter. Most reactions received by NMT expressed indignation at the very limited size of the Dutch supply to the consortium. In several reactions it was mentioned that the Dutch maritime technology industry has proven that it can supply many high-quality systems and components for the construction of naval vessels.

Lobby with Parliament and Ministries

Supported by these reactions, NMT is committed to increasing the possibilities for the Dutch contribution. NMT is in contact with various members of parliament and the Ministries of Defence and Economic Affairs and Climate on concrete actions to give Dutch suppliers a chance in the tenders.

Parliamentary Questions

Read the D-letter project 'Replacement of minehuinter capacity', in which the Cabinet informs the Dutch Parliament about the award of the tender to a consortium led by the French company Naval Group. As a result of this letter, various members of parliament have submitted parliamentary questions, which you can consult via this link (both in Dutch).

Picture: The selected design of the Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium (picture by Belgium Naval & Robotics consortium).