May 1, 2017
VIDEO: Keel laying of Port of Hamburg's biggest fire vessel

The maritime tradition of ´keel laying´ marks the start of a ship's construction. The keel laying of Hamburg’s new fire vessel Branddirektor Westphal took place in the Fassmer shipyard in Berne.

With a length of 43 metres it will be the biggest fire vessel in the Port of Hamburg. It is a multifunctional ship that will not only ensure fire safety in the port but will also be used for other tasks like inspecting bridges. The construction works will take roughly one year. Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) ordered the boat for service from early 2018.

It was built at small ship specialist Fassmer Werft on the Weser. According to Maritime Journal, the boat is fitted with eco-friendly emission technology and it will conform to the standards laid down for Germany’s coveted Blauer Engel environmental award. It boasts three water cannons and three combined water and foam cannons with a maximum throwing distance of 180 metres, a throwing height of 110 metres. Its pumping capacity is 100,000 litres per minute.