December 15, 2015
Shipbuilding in Norway

(With extra pictures) For our Norway special, SWZ Maritime's editor Gerrit J. de Boer researched and compiled a detailed list of the vessels delivered in 2015 and on order for delivery till December 2017 with Norwegian shipyards.

From this list we created an infographic showing most of the Norwegian shipyards as well as some of the ships (being) built there. You can now download the full list (PDF). Subscribers can download a high resolution version of the infographic from the Digital Magazine page.

Below is a photo album with pictures of ships built or under construction at Norway's shipyards as well as pictures of some of the yards. Please click the pop-out link (the little squares) to view the pictures in their proper dimensions.

Aleut Havyard 122_843_IceBoa JarlC-WarriorDetecter D-ClassEsvagt FroudeFar Sentinel VardFiskerstrand 79 and 80Fiskerstrand 83aFiskerstrand VerftFMV 212Fosnakongen Salthammer 142Froy TBN Live Fish Carrier SlettaGitte_Henning Kleven 394Grand Canyon IIGuangzhouHavyard 832 SOVHavyard 832 WEHavyard 843 IceHavyard 858Helgoy GlimtIsland Venture SX 165KB Marine FitjarKleven 370Kleven 372 ABB Cable VesselKleven 381Kleven 392 and 393Kleven-370 yacht-Graeme-HartKronprins HaakonLoppoy BrodreneMaersk KlevenMaersk KlevenMaersk KlevenMMA PloverMS TaupoMulti Safety VaaglandNAO Horizon VARD 832 and 833 for Nordic American OffshoreNormand Maximus Vard 830Noryards Boa OffshoreNujoma Kleven 381Oytind 1601369Polar VikingPX121 NAO UlsteinRescuerRygerprinsSalthammer 142SeasightSmaragdStava Sjø ASVARD 1 08 for Mermaid Marine AustraliaVARD 1 08 for Nordic American OffshoreVARD 2 06 - Offshore Construction and Anchor Handling vessel for Rem OffshoreVARD AukraVARD BrailaVARD BrattvaagVARD LangstenVARD NiteroiVARD SøviknesVARD TulceaVARD Vung TauVestland Cygnus FjellstrandWindea TBN SX175_0001