January 26, 2015
Chinese Navy Visits Rotterdam

(With extra pictures) Chinese naval vessels arrived in Rotterdam this morning.

The group was headed by China’s largest amphibious landing ship, the Changbai Shan, foloowed by frigate Yun Cheng and the replenishment ship Chao Hu. The three ships were earlier deployed off the coast of Somalia, where the Dutch and Chinese navies battle piracy together.

It is the first time the Chinese navy vessels visit the Netherlands. The vessels are docked at the Holland-Amerika dock in the city-centre of Rotterdam. On 28 January, the Changbai Shan will be open to the public from 9-11 am and from 2-4 pm.

The Chinese war ships have also visited France, England and Germany. They will leave the Netherlands on 30 January.

Below two extra pictures of the vessels docked in Rotterdam. Please click the pop-out link (the little squares at the bottom right) to view the pictures in their proper dimensions. All pictures were taken by SWZ Maritime editor Hugo Dill.